Tune In to Capcom Unity Tomorrow for the Mega Man 7 Showdown

Feels like it's been a while, what with Comic Con and everything going on, but the Capcom Unity crew are getting back to their year of Mega Man live stream plays. This time it's Brelston who will be challenging Mega Man 7, Mega Man's big leap into 16-bit (Soccer was hardly a leap, sorry). Naturally there are prizes to be won; one lucky viewer may even find themselves walking away with a complete copy of Rockman 7!

Mega Man 7 holds a special place in my heart. It doesn't quite stand out among the other classics, but it has so much neat stuff going on; a lot of thought and detail to the weapons, stage gimmicks, enemies and so on. It's hard to believe they cobbled it all together in a scant three months, as Inafune once commented.

So be sure to jump to Capcom Unity tomorrow. Watch a fun Mega Man game, win some prizes, and see if Brelston will be able to clear the latest challenges!