MegaMan.EXE Drops In at Manchester Comic Con

We haven't seen very much of MegaMan.EXE ever since some not terribly well known time travel shenanigans. But our digital blue hero seems to be getting by still, and just recently showed up at Manchester Comic Con in England. Of course, really this is just cosplayer Ribbo enjoying himself at the event. Browsing through the photos, the ladies really seem to dig MegaMan.EXE...

Also, a curious note. Some of you may recognize this costume. It was originally used by Capcom Europe in promotional events, and a couple years back they held a contest giving it away. I don't know if this was ever the only one, but per chance, Ribbo, is this how you came about your threads?

You can find more MCC photos, as well as some general lounging around cosplaying, at Ribbo's DA page. Thanks for sharing, Ribbo!