Music... Makes the Mega Man Fans... Come Together...

Just a quick musical update for you. First comes a tip which we nearly lost track of from a while back, and comes our way courtesy of @BluesT_Robot on Twitter. It's a cool 8-bit style remix of the "Flutter vs. Gesellschaft" theme from Mega Man Legends:

Here's a thought to ponder: If, for some reason, Capcom decided to do a new Mega Man Legends game (not necessarily a 3), but chose to make it "8-bit," would you be interested? Conversely, what if they stayed true to the spirit of Mega Man 9 and made it to resemble the original PlayStation aesthetic?

Next, we have something completely different from YouTube user MrSolidSnake745... an entire collection of Mega Man Classic and Mega Man X music played on a series of five floppy drives!

Thanks to Agelu for this one!

DanteZX sent us this one a while back, and it kind of fell through the cracks of crazy stuff like Mega Man Legends 3 being cancelled and the like, but here is a cool guitar cover of Mega Man 2's Dr. Wily stage theme by FamilyJules7X:

Finally, if you're cool with profanity (this is your NSFW warning, folks), MysteryJ12 on YouTube has put together a rap video to the beat of Elec Man's stage theme:

Have more? Did we miss one you sent us before? Then send it our way!