MTV Geek Gets In on the Mega Man/Sonic Crossover Fun, Too

Following Kotaku's lead, MTV Geek has published a much more extensive interview with Archie Comics scribe Ian Flynn and editor Paul Kaminski about the upcoming Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover. Over the course of the interview, a few more hints are dropped as to how this whole thing might get rolling-- suffice to say, the implication is that it isn't the heroes' fault. They also talk about how the two and their respective antagonists might get along (or not), who else is going to be involved (with a hint as to how that may work in the case of someone like Bass), pleasing fans of both series, the duration of the event, its appeal to the casual fan, hitting two out of three milestone issues, and a tease of our heroes fighting in "all-out war" against "the ultimate evil."

To read the whole interview for yourself (and sorry, no pretty pictures this time), head on over to MTV Geek.