Archie's Two Blue Heroes Joining Together?

If you've ever listened to the The Mega Man Network podcast, I believe I've mentioned before I'm one of the rare people who didn't grow up with a NES. So, I don't have memories of playing 8-bit Mega Man at all like my other TMMN cohorts.  My love of Mega Man came down the road later with Legends. What DID I have? A SEGA, and I played Sonic the Hedgehog like crazy growing up. So I still have a special place in my heart for Sonic, and for me, combining the two would be awesome.

Brian Truitt, USA TODAY writer, editor and blogger, posted the above interesting picture on his Twitter. Says Brian:

Hmmm. Just got this in a super-duper top-secret email from @archiecomics. Wonder what this could be about?

We'll wait to hear more information as this will most likely be popping up more at San Diego Comic Con this week.

Source: Brian's Twitter