Looking for Something to Keep Your D-Arts Mega Man X In?

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Just ask a Transformers fan: Where the official toy companies fail to come through, you can often count on the fans to do something impressive. That is, when Hasbro failed to come through with things such as a new version of Springer, the giant Devastator, or even a trailer for Ultra Magnus, enterprising fans have come through.

You might be asking "what does this have to do with Mega Man?" Well, remember that cool Dr. Light capsule that Bandai kept showing off for their fully-armored Mega Man X D-Arts figure? The one they had no intention of producing?

Well, a fan going by "BC Direct" apparently got tired of waiting, and made his own. And what's more, he'll make one for you as well, for a price. Just ask him on his Facebook or Twitter (correction: he'd rather you e-mailed him at bcdirect720 [at] gmail.com) for a quote, and you can place an order for your very own light-up (or would that be "Light"-up?) capsule to display your X figure... or to bury somewhere for someone to come across in about 100 years. Hey, it's your money (but if you decide to do that, we want pics).

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner