Mega Man Gets Flashy as Capcom Unity Teases 25th Anniversary Plans

Over on Capcom Unity, Brelston posted the Mega Man 25th anniversary animated gif created by Brother Brain (click to enlarge) while lightly discussing what they have in store for the Blue Bomber's special occasion. "Our official MM25 plans are still cooking, but they are indeed coming," he reassures us. "Already had a few meetings on the subject and hope to have more to say as we near the official date in December."

In the meantime, however, Mega Man's arcade older brother, Street Fighter, is their current focus as they plan to celebrate with a series of tournaments from July to December. This makes it sound as though they plan to transition from one to the next, perhaps with the idea that the party won't stop for some time to come. If you're interested in the tournaments, then you can learn more here.