Bandai D-Arts VAVA - Photo Report


Yep, Bandai's D-Arts VAVA figure (Vile to us) is now shipping in Japan. This was a Tamashi Web exclusive here, and while those in North America should be able to buy it via the regular means, there was only a short window of time that people in Japan could order from Bandai directly. Perhaps it will come to stores later, but that's to see for another time.

Above are some pictures I took of the figure I got today, though sadly I don't have a phenomenal camera, and I'm not great at posing figures. However, there's plenty more to see after the break - numerous other photos of fans showing off their VAVA figures in action. These are gathered from 2channel, but you can enjoy them here without having to look at the ads for adult comics. Unless you're into that sort of thing. Then, sorry.

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