Game Center CX Interview with Inafune Translated

Back before Keiji Inafune worked on games where giant spaceships wore his face, and magician's pulled their spines out of their mouths, he was a high up guy at a certain company called Capcom. One of the games he was known for was this game Mega Man. Maybe you've heard of it.

The above video is from one of the original episodes of Game Center CX back in 2003, when Arino focused more on game companies than game challenges. Inafune pops up pretty much from the start, and they get to talking about Mega Man right away. Topics are covered like how Inafune got started and moved up, inspirations behind Mega Man, and of course his love for Zero. The episode is split into four parts, and you can see the rest on Shady0311's channel, where Inafune goes into talking about what games are to him.

One of the most interesting things to me was, for the time, how much Inafune saw Mega Man as strictly a children's game, seemingly. Too bad this translation was a bit late; the staff of this site never got the memo.

Thanks for the tip, Magnet_Man!