25th Anniversary Rockman Arranged Soundtracks Coming Too!

We announced to you the major "Rockcan" music set being brought out by e-Capcom, but that's not all you can look forward to. Recent online store listings have shed light on a Rockman 25th Anniversary Rock Arrange Soundtrack, and a Rockman 25th Anniversary Techno Arrange Soundtrack. Both are brought to us by TEAM Entertainment, the same label that delivered the previous 20th anniversary rock and techno albums (pictured above).

Each album is a single disc covering Rockman 1~10, and will release August 29th for ¥3,150 (roughly $39 US). It is unknown what tracks will be offered, nor if the same musicians are backing them (electronic artist  Shinji Hosoe, who's behind Beatmania and Mega Man Network Transmission, and guitarist Tohru Iwao of Guilty Gear fame), although the Techno Arrange is said to have multiple artists.

I will make a pledge to you here and now. All Rockman and Mega Man 25th anniversary goods released this year will, in some form, at some point, be prize material offered on this site (and perhaps others). Keep your eyes peeled for more details!

Thanks for the tip, rockman!