Multiverse Announces New Mega Man Bobble Budds

Does anyone remember the commercial for Weebles? "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down"? We wanted to do something like that for the headline, but without the actual assurance that Bobble Budds don't fall down with they bobble, it just seemed like a bad idea. The conflicts a writer faces...

But, we digress; following the release of the Servbot Bobble Budd and a poll from last year to determine who would come next, Multiverse Studio has revealed who the next generation of Bobble Budds will include.

The next batch of four figures will include the Blue Bomber, Mega Man; his bro-bot Proto Man, the thunderous Elec Man, and the super-strong Guts Man. From the press release:

Fans of the beloved franchise can now collect their favorite heroes and Robot Masters to display their undying affection for the legendary video game series. Bobble Budds unique shape and design perfectly incorporates the classic retro style of the Mega Man series. Each Bobble Budd figure measures 3.5-inches tall and features exclusive bobble head locking mechanism for optimal functionality and display.

These four will be available in July 2012 at select online retailers, with more to follow later this year. But if you can't wait and are attending San Diego Comic-Con, there will be a special exclusive Bobble Budd available at the Multiverse Studios/SOTA Toys booth (#2846) for $11.99. Considering the price of most SDCC exclusives, that's not bad.

To learn more about Bobble Budds, visit the official website. For now, who else would you like to see appear in the line?