25th Anniversary E Can Loaded with Music

If there's one thing Mega Man fans can't get enough of, it's music. Lucky for the fans, a can of music is coming to sate your thirsts! The "Rockcan" comes in a steel E-Tank tin, and includes a full color booklet. There will be 10 discs and they cover music from the Mega Man games 1 through 10. Rockman 1-6 has both the Famicom and Playstation tracks. Furthermore, according to Ucchy-san, the music is being remastered using the original sound sources. Curiously, Rockman 9 and 10 cite the Xbox Live Arcade versions as their sound source. And also a bummer, but to be expected, Rockman 8's source is the PS edition, so don't look forward to Cut and Wood's bonus themes.

This collection is going to cost ยฅ14700 and set to release on September 19th. However, it's going to be an E-Capcom exclusive. So, fire up those eBay accounts, friends.

Source: E-Capcom