25th Anniversary E Can Loaded with Music

If there's one thing Mega Man fans can't get enough of, it's music. Lucky for the fans, a can of music is coming to sate your thirsts! The "Rockcan" comes in a steel E-Tank tin, and includes a full color booklet. There will be 10 discs and they cover music from the Mega Man games 1 through 10. Rockman 1-6 has both the Famicom and Playstation tracks. Furthermore, according to Ucchy-san, the music is being remastered using the original sound sources. Curiously, Rockman 9 and 10 cite the Xbox Live Arcade versions as their sound source. And also a bummer, but to be expected, Rockman 8's source is the PS edition, so don't look forward to Cut and Wood's bonus themes.

This collection is going to cost ¥14700 and set to release on September 19th. However, it's going to be an E-Capcom exclusive. So, fire up those eBay accounts, friends.

Source: E-Capcom