Farewell to S-Kill

Today has brought some most unexpected news, as we have learned that Seth "S-Kill" Killian is leaving Capcom, with his final day to be this Friday, June 22nd. Though limited in what he could do (i.e. you couldn't just tell him "bring back Legends 3 and expect him to do it), Seth has long been a supporter of Mega Man fans and the franchise, occasionally dropping hints and teases, supporting fan projects, and even contributing prizes for the raffles at the early OtaRockman panels. Some people paint Capcom as a company who wears a single black hat, but there are still good people who work there, and Seth was one of them. As such, though his contributions grew to focus more on their fighting franchises, they will still be missed.

And perhaps now he can finally get away from that creepy Mega Man head which has spent the last several years lurking on his desk. That is, unless it follows him...

Speaking of following, one must also wonder if Seth will take the secret of Mega Man 9 with him, or if he might be so kind as to reveal it before his departure.

Either way, we wish him the best of luck in whatever may come and thank him for all his work. For now, you can read his farewell post on Capcom Unity, and follow him on Twitter, if you are so inclined.