Contribute Money to Rokko Chan Developers & Remixers, Get Equipped With Loads of Sweet Albums

Perhaps you remember one of the more substantial Mega Man inspired fan games, Rokko Chan, from late last year. If not, well, you should probably check it out (it's actually pretty good). The game is completely free despite its 2 year development. But you can still show your support and get handsomely rewarded at the same time.

Nobuwo, a site dedicated to sharing game music news in multiple languages, has pulled some strings to offer a very cool deal. By throwing some money at their kickstarter, you can not only get a Rokko Chan arrange album, but also a ton of other great albums. For as low as $8, you can get a bundle of 12 albums including Super Meat Boy: Choice Piano Cuts, 2 Metroid Metal albums, Mega Ran's Black Materia album, and a big heap of other great stuff (as well as the Rokko Chan Original Soundtrack). It's a steal!

All the money goes to both the Rokko Chan dev team and the artists involved in the remix album while also helping to fund a 2-CD official release of the Rokko Chan OST and Arrange Album. You might even recognize some of these artists from a certain Chiptuned Rockman.

What's the catch? Well, time is running out. As of this writing, there's only 1 day left to contribute. I think you know what to do.

Source: Nobuwo