Think Tuttle's Legendary Travels Looks Cool? Then Check Out These Games

About a month ago, we reported the development of some new games by the Mega Man fan community, including one by the name of "Tuttle's Legendary Travels." Since then, we've been contacted by Blyka, one of the developers of that title who has previously developed some other fan games, to inform us of his other already-completed projects. This includes one of his personal favorites, "Superdanny Powered Up:"

Blyka notes that his website, Blyka's Door, has been running since 2006 and has built up a collection of 13 completed and playable Mega Man fan games spanning from the Classic series to X and, of course, Legends. "[I]t also provides the source file to my Classic Mega Man engine, as well as other examples and resources to assist the budding fan game developer," he notes.

So to see (and play) it all for yourself, head on over to Blyka's Door and have some fun! Perhaps with these tools and an understanding of our ongoing "A Critical Look at" series, you can create the next Mega Man masterpiece!