"Rock Day" Homage Collage - The Fandom Literally Overflowed

Just a couple days ago, we brought you word of a fun activity to get involved in and show support for Mega Man. And get involved you did - perhaps a tad too much! We have this note from Amunshen:

Since we got so many applicants (it’s near 100 right now), unavoidably we should close the application at 10:59 AM EST and 7:59 AM PST. Of course we appreciate all of your applications, but it’s too tough for our editor to put all of 100 entries together in just one day (we are planning to release the completed collage on June 9th in Korean/Japanese time, if we can). So, we aren't accepting any more applicants after the closure time. Sorry.

BTW, as I said above, it’s big challenge for us to finish editing and organizing all the artwork into the collage by the time we planned. Are there any volunteers to help with editing? If you want to help, you can contact @argent_fox01 on twitter or zero6428@gmail.com.

Good going guys, you broke it! Haha, only kidding. After all, we did are own part in rallying you into this. And even if it has to be cut off, the fan support is truly impressive. If you can support more, do see to helping with the editing of the collage. We look forward to seeing it completed!