Conjure Ruins of Mystery in the Next MML3 Neo Devroom Event

Mega Man Legends enthusiasts cease to let up, and have been continuing the work of the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom, if at least to keep up the spirit. You may recall the original Neo Devroom contest to design a weapon, and it wrapped up with big results. For this next contest, the aims are even bigger.

In the Ruin Roundup, you are tasked with designing designing, outlining or otherwise creating one of the ruins in the Mega Man Legends universe; the mysterious underground labyrinths that teem with Reaverbots but promise the treasure of refractors and ancient technology.

This is definitely a complex task, and one that requires a bit of imagination I'd say. There are so many elements to consider! IMO, it's not enough to think of a stage with neat gimmicks; you really have to think of what significance such a place would have had to the ancients. Was it an ancient city, or a factory, or a control system for something else? What kind of elements and hazards would that create? How would the diggers exploring it now interpret it all? It's these kind of wonderings that, among other things, keep the interest in Legends so strong.

Of course, there are great prizes to be had for winning, with the top award being a Mega Man Legends 3 Project poster signed by Inafune himself! You may also snag a MegaMan Volnutt T-shirt, or a custom notebook featuring the winning ruin.

The contest is currently underway, and the deadline is July 1st, Sunday, at 11:59 PM EST. If you fancy yourself a maker of mysteries, give it a shot! You can see the discussion thread here, and submit your entry here. Good luck to you, and keep on supporting! When it comes to Mega Man, the fans never hold back!