Celebrate Reploid Independence Day

We received a tip from Erico reminding us that today, June 4th, is the "Day of Sigma" (according to the instruction manual for Mega Man X). Or, as he puts it, "Reploid Independence Day." Or at least it will be, come 21XX. We'll just let him take it from here:

"I've been celebrating this holiday for 8 years now, and I do my best to mark its passing with a short little story done entirely for fun. That's the whole point of the day, really: To have a little fun and spice up the beginning of June with something Mega Man fans can get behind. We could celebrate September 16th (The day when Light put the warning message on X's capsule), or December 17th... wait, we already do that...

Does that mean you should go out and write something? Heck no! That's just what I do. Maybe you just want to play Mega Man X1 all over again, all the while speaking in super movie trailer announcer voice 'In a world where Reploids and humans coexist...,' or perhaps you're more of a haiku person. Maybe you just want to toss back a grape soda and feel glad that it's all make believe, then go have a round of NetBattling with your friends.

Reploid Independence Day isn't meant to be taken seriously. Remember, it's a fictional holiday taken from a fictional video game world, and as such, a little humor and levity is required. For me, it's a chance to go back and re-examine the world of Mavericks and Maverick Hunters, and everyone else who's stuck along for the ride. I think for the most part, I celebrate Reploid Independence Day because it gives me something different to look forward to, a different sort of anniversary that has as little or as much meaning as I feel like giving it.

However you look at Reploid Independence Day is up to you. For me, I will imagine that strange world where Sigma took a page from Planet of the Apes, and said 'NO.'

And of course, I'll smile as I imagine Mega Man X and Zero taking on the Maverick hordes and counting coup."

Unfortunately, this year's date overlaps with the first day of E3, so one would imagine a fair number of people who might do something are otherwise occupied. But, if not, feel free to tell us if you plan to do anything in the comments below.