Mega Man 8 Gets a Little Riffed

Video contains minor amounts of NSFW language

Perhaps you're familiar with the RiffTrax guys, or (if you're old enough), the show Mystery Science Theater 3000. For over 20 years Michael Nelson and co. have made an artform from making fun of bad movies, and what's more have made some truly awful and lame films actually enjoyable to watch with their commentary.

And through some kind of arrangement, Joystiq now has them teasing games too. They've released a short video with riffing on various games, and what better way to kick it off than with Mega Man 8? Sure we've teased the game's movie scenes for years as it is, but I still found it to be pretty funny.

Not sure if this is a one off deal or if Joystiq plans to have the RiffTrax crew do more. All I know is there's still a bounty of riffing lying in wait in the Mega Man X series.

Thanks to AWD! for the tip!