1UP's "What If?" Week Looks at Hypothetical Mega Man Scenarios

Over the past week, 1UP has run a series of themed articles under the common theme of "What If?: Gaming's Alternate Realities." In these hypothetical situations, we get an idea of how the video game industry might have been different had it not been for certain influential factors and events taking place. Naturally, as you've no doubt figured out by the fact you are reading about this feature on this very webpage, there are some articles included which look at Mega Man. In particular, two come from MMN alumnus Nadia "Red Draco" Oxford: "What If Every Game Sequel Was Like Mega Man 2?" is one question posed, while the other is "What If Zero Had Been the Main Character in Mega Man X?" Additionally, a third bit of Blue Bomber is featured in artist Rusty Shackles' "Cover Gallery: Box Art from Another Reality," where it provides a sad bit of closure to the feature.

Of course, these are but a mere handful of subjects covered. For more, just click here (and check back for updates, as not everything has been added there yet).