The TMMN Megacast #18 – Zero's Kind of a Big Deal

Zero After sacrificing itself to protect its friends, The MegaCast appeared to be gone forever. But after scouring the Earth, we were able to find and piece together the various parts and rebuild it. Now The MegaCast is back and better than... well, at least as good as... well, it's back anyway.

This month Heat Man, Tabby, AWD, and myself (mainfinger) assemble to talk about the 10th anniversary of the Mega Man Zero series. But it wouldn't be The MegaCast without us taking a really long time to actually get to the main subject. What exactly is Project X Zone? Will it be any good? Will it even come here? We compare it to similar looking games of the past to find out!

Also, we talk about a whole bunch of random crap that has nothing to do with anything because that's what we do. But hey, maybe you know what we should be talking about. If that's the case, feel free to leave future topic suggestions in the comments below.