ScrewAttack Reviews Archie's Free Comic Book Day Mega Man Offering

It would seem that Archie's Mega Man comic book has been generating a fair bit of online buzz lately, what with the recent preview of issue #13, which begins an original story arc with new characters; an article about said issue, and the series at large; and of course, the Free Comic Book Day offering from last week. It is the latter which ScrewAttack has chosen to focus on in their latest Two-Bit Review. Of course, if you've already obtained the first issue or the first trade paperback (collecting the first four-issue story arc), then you probably won't find much new here.

Despite being a fan of both comic books and Mega Man, it seems that the writer is new to the series, being introduced to it by this very issue... go figure. Just the same, it's great to continue seeing the book receive positive press from all over. And as the book continues to find its legs and voice, it will hopefully grow to become even better still, and continue to help the Blue Bomber's overall image for years to come.