Complete Your Geo Stelar Cosplay with These Mega Man Star Force Glasses

Summer is almost here, and you all know what that means: It's nearly convention season! And with all of the hustle and bustle of conventions comes another thing: Cosplay. There will no doubt be a fair number of Mega Man cosplayers this year, as there usually are every year, with inspiration being drawn from the Classic series, the arguably more mainstream Battle Network, and even Star Force, which has not had a new release in the past three years.

For those who would like to capture the look of Star Force hero Geo Stelar, cosplay supplier Cosplaysky has these unofficial replicas of the glasses he wears throughout the series (click the link to see more angles and close-ups). However, they are anything but cheap-- these high-tech shades will set you back a cool $139, to say nothing of shipping.

If Geo isn't who you'd most like to emulate in the busy halls of a convention center, then by all means, tell us who you'd like to be in the comments below.