ComicsAlliance: "Why 'Mega Man' Is the Smartest Super-Hero Comic On the Stands"

Here's a little something which has been popping up just about everywhere we look today-- including a tip in our Inbox from Wilyman! In a new article on ComicsAlliance, Chris Sims talks a bit about Archie's Mega Man comic book, lavishing it with praise as "one of the best comic books on the stands today." He drives the point that it's all the more impressive even further by pointing out that not only is this book not from the big two (Marvel and DC), but it's not even a character who originated in comics.

"[A]s crazy as it seems, Mega Man has spent the last year showing pretty much every other book on the market the right way to do thrilling all-ages adventure," the article says. "Mostly because it's a book made for children that's not afraid to have a five-page debate about the morality of creating artificial life."

Incidentally, you may want to hold off on reading this if you have not received issue #13 yet; the article seems to emphasize that issue in particular, including several images not found in the recent preview, so beware of spoilers.