Mega Man Fan Games Come Out to Play

When Capcom doesn't deliver, it appears that Mega Man's fans are more than willing to pick up the slack. That seems to be the message being delivered loud and clear today as we've received tips for not one, not three, but two new fan games currently in development. The first one comes to us via a tip from Ferin, and is the revival of a project known as Mega Man Revolution:

As far as we can tell (what we've seen does not definitively say one way or the other), this is not a ROM hack, but an original game made from the ground up for the PC. It is designed to emulate the style of the NES games, and even includes the option to turn on sprite flicker and slow down, much like Mega Man 9 did. To learn more about this game, visit Fifth Independent.

The other game we've been told of comes to us via a tip from Dashe of Mega Man Legends Station. Rather than create a new adventure for the Blue Bomber of the world covered in endless water, Station member fAB and Blyka of Blyka's Door have taken a different approach by crafting a tale featuring a character you might have forgotten about-- that is, if you knew him at all. Check out the following progress video:

On the website for "Tuttle's Legendary Travels," they note that the project is in its early developmental stages, and state "[t]he finished game aims to be a full 3D platformer on par with the official games of the series in terms of quality and scale. This ambitious project will take time to unfold and we want all you Mega Man Legends fans out there to follow its progress as it happens and join in the development process in various ways."

Dashe adds that there will also be community contributions in the style of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project's Devroom, and that "[t]hese guys are incredibly reliable when it comes to designing Legends fangames and already have a bunch of quirky minigames at the Sky Pirate Arcade, located at (along with Legends fangames created by external contributors, too--submissions are open on a continual basis)."

For more information on the project, be sure to visit the "Tuttle's Legendary Travels" website.

As Mega Man's 25th anniversary draws ever closer, we don't know what plans-- if any-- Capcom will reveal to mark the day. But, so long as fans such as these are willing to take matters into their own hands, it appears there will always be a place for the Blue Bomber in the arena of interactive entertainment.