Overthinking It Presents: Mega Man as Malware

Mega Man: Defender of freedom, crusader for justice, fighter for everlasting peace, and... malware? That is the accusation leveled at the Blue Bomber by one contributor at the website Overthinking It. There, it is put forth that perhaps not everything is as we've been led to believe in the games.

Sure, the instruction booklet accuses Dr. Wily of threatening humanity, but is that really the case? Fiction based on these accounts often tend to depict Mega Man as a reluctant hero, but when the game loads, but perhaps it is actually the man in blue who is the instigator of violence?

Check out this article, and decide for yourself whether Mega Man is truly the hero we all look up to, or if perhaps Dr. Light is the one who pulled the wool over our eyes. After all, it wouldn't be the first time, now would it?