NeoWiz Restructuring Leads to Rockman Online Worries

Given the rather slow updates with Rockman Online in the past year, there has been some speculation of the game's health. However, today an article from Digital Times is beginning to substantiate those fears. According to the article, Korean developer NeoWiz is undergoing restructuring and planning to reduce its workforce on PC games - specifically, it will reduce its development staff from 300 to 50 people, and focus more on mobile games.

The article says of the game Rockman Online, which has already exhausted a lengthy development time, that NeoWiz is considering transferring development of the title to an affiliate company, GAMEON Studio. However, it's also thought that there's a possibility Capcom will chose to cease development on Rockman Online after negotiations for the game's fate.

I will make clear that the game is not officially cancelled as of now, but it's understandable to see that the future is looking poor. We may have never even gotten to play Rockman Online in the West, but it was looking like a really interesting game regardless.

We'll keep you posted on further developments.

Thanks to Amunshen for the information.