Weird Video Games – Rockman DASH

Everyone has a tendency to interpret video games differently, and this is especially true as you rewind the clock to when a lot of information from favorite titles, including many Mega Man games, came from supplemental sources. Once upon a time, many fans even viewed the Classic series as being as grim and dark as the X series (you know, the one with the elite penguin warrior). That difference in viewpoint even extended to Mega Man Legends, aka Rockman DASH, as some people argued whether it was part of the same timeline as the Classic series and X, or a separate world all its own (and later turned out to be the former). But as our friend Cleveland Rock from DASH Republic recently showed on Blistered Thumbs, some people see it as something else entirely (warning: one written curse word, if that sort of thing bothers you):

Well, that was an enlightening look into the heart of madness. Hopefully, Cleveland will get the help he needs. Perhaps Capcom fast-tracking Legends 3 would be a good start?