Capcom Unity Podcast Remarks on 100,000 Strong Milestone

Mega Man Legends 3 is not a terribly easy topic for Capcom Entertainment to talk about publicly. But Brett, Greg and Seth of Capcom Unity gave it a swing on the latest episode of their Capcom Unity Official Podcast. Spoiler alert: Not going to get your hopes up going in - the surpassing of 100,000 fans for Legends 3 has no bearing on the revival of the game, at least in the foreseeable future. But sincere praise is given on how strongly Mega Man fans have banded and cooperated together, as well as Capcom's own commitment to keep the franchise going from the get-go. In a sense, a lot of the same things you've heard already, but it's nice hearing them genuinely from the mouths of the staff.

You can catch the 100,000 Strong discussion, and then a little bit about Mega Man Zero's 10th anniversary, at around the 50 minute mark in the podcast, i.e. a little past halfway in.