Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide Update and Q&A (Now Closed)

Two quick items of note about the recently-released Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide. First of all, if you're looking at purchasing it through (such as through the link at the upper-left of this very site, hint-hint)... well, it's been a little weird. We've heard accounts of people already receiving theirs, despite the fact that until yesterday, it said the book would be available on May 1st. It now says it will "be in stock" on May 6th, which according to UDON Managing Editor Matt Moylan, means they they have the book but are sorting it in inventory.

And the second item is, with the book having been available elsewhere for a few weeks now, we are now taking your questions about the Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide! Just leave your question(s) in the comments below, and after they've been passed along to the appropriate person or persons, we'll post the answers for you here on The Mega Man Network!

Update: Okay, we've begun the answering process and are now closing the comments to further questions. Thanks to everyone who contributed a question (or questions), and keep an eye out for the answers soon!