Check Out a Preview for Mega Man #13

It's about time to jump into a whole new adventure in Archie's Mega Man. Destructoid has a preview up for the next coming issue, which will start the arch "Spirit Ex Machina." Without giving too much away, the issue starts with Dr. Light and co. visiting the Advanced Robotics Trade Show. Light is quick to get gregarious with a pair of old colleagues of his, Dr. Mikhail Cossack and Dr. Noele Lalinde. We're also introduced to two of their respective creations, Pharaoh Man and Quake Woman, neither of whom seem particularly personable at the onset. Meanwhile, mysterious things are going on in the Amazon...

This will be the series' first foray into original "Robot Masters," so it will be interesting to see what kind of character Quake Woman turns out to be. I also like that we're being introduced to some of the Mega Man 4 cast before that arch gets going, which should setup some future tension. If you don't mind seeing nearly a quarter of the comic in advanced, check out Destructoid's preview!

Thanks for the tip, Wilyman!