Have a Happy Greg Day! Err, a what?

See the man pictured to the right? This is Capcom Unity's Greg Moore, from when he originally took up his position as community liaison for the Mega Man Legends 3 Project. It was constant work, going through, organizing and translating fan submissions and comments, and otherwise being the go-between for the East and West. And then, of course, MML3 fell through, which certainly didn't take away stress, what with the fan reactions. Needless to say, if you've seen Greg LATELY you can tell what he's been through. But Greg is a trooper! He still comes into work everyday, puts on a... vaguely happy face, and does zany and cool stuff for us fans and more! And that's why we're celebrating Greg Day! We're also celebrating Greg Day because I told Greg, if he beat Ring Man first in his Mega Man 4 live stream, I would make up a Greg Day without having any idea what it actually was. And he did it, so here I am... uhh...

So right! Celebrating Greg Day is pretty easy. Just head over to Capcom Unity, go look up Greg's profile, and send him a PM telling him what a cool bro he is! It's as simple as that; you don't gotta be long winded about it.

Furthermore, you can also talk about how cool Greg is in the comments here. And then, believe it or not, we'll pick one lucky commenter (so use your real email!) to win a Mega Man Universe headband! Why a Mega Man Universe headband? Well, because it's something we have. We don't have, say, $80,000. So we can't give that as a prize.

Happy Greg Day everyone!