Get Me Off the Moon: Support Morishita Reika's Music to Support Mega Man Legends 3

One of the biggest disappointments of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project is that we never received the opportunity to express our interest in the game through downloading the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version, a factor which Capcom had stated would determine whether or not the project would move forward. Following disappointment, displeasure, and a breaking of trust, fans were left to wonder whether MegaMan Volnutt and friends would ever have another chance.

Well, according to Get Me Off the Moon, aka "100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3" (who are currently 89,131 strong), there may be a way for us to not only make our voices heard, but possibly get that Prototype Version released as well, all while listening to yet another strong voice.

And no, signing up for the Devroom or Facebook groups is not required.

In the latest edition of Roll's Wrapup, their International Strategies Team in Japan met with Morishita Reika, singer of Rockman DASH theme songs "another sun" and "Your Wind is Blowing" and supporter of the Mega Man Legends 3 fan movement. As you may recall, she had recently reached out to the fans for input into her new arrangements.

Get Me Off the Moon reports that she possesses strong contacts within Capcom Japan, and offers the following:

To support our community, she is going to release her Mega Man Legends soundtrack reprisals at the end of May or early July, tentatively. During the meeting yesterday, she said that if her new soundtrack makes over 20,000 sales, Capcom Japan is likely to release the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version on the e-shop. Although there are no guarantees, keep in mind she is a well-networked individual. Fans in Japan in general do not expect an announcement of a new Mega Man title until next year, and the direction of the Mega Man brand is still undecided. We will do whatever it takes to support those in and out of Capcom Japan still fighting quietly for us.

This is a rather interesting development, one which gives us hope, albeit tempered with a light skepticism. By which we mean, if Keiji Inafune himself had to fight so hard to even get what we have seen of the project underway... well, we just imagine she would need to have extremely strong and well-placed connections within the company.

But who knows? Maybe she does. The question is, are you willing to purchase her soundtrack and take a chance at finding out?

Well, we are, and as soon as we find out a way to help fans outside of Japan participate in purchasing the soundtrack, we'll let you know right here on The Mega Man Network.