At Long Last: Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide Hits Stores Today! Check Out the Preview!

Just as the headline says: At long last. It feels like it's been forever since the Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide was first announced, but the day has finally come. After debuting at PAX East, this guide to the many characters of the Classic Mega Man series is available for all to purchase. To mark the occasion, you can find a special preview of the book's contents, including five pages of Robot Master-related content, as well as a peek at the Blue Bomber's own three-page entry. In addition, there are some additional comments presented there from the creatives behind the book, as well as all of the information necessary in order to secure a copy from your local bookstore (should they need to order it).

Finally, be sure to check out the end of the post, as the release of this book may not be the end of the Mega Man Field Guide story... in fact, it could potentially be just the beginning!