"X" and "Zero" on Their Roles in PXZ

Coming from yesterday's update, you got to hear the voices of X and Zero on the Project X Zone official site. Furthermore, actors Sakurai and Okiayu also gave personal messages about their work and a little insight into game. Thanks to Amunshen, here is a translation of those statements.

Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Good afternoon, good evening. I'm Takahiro Sakurai, acting as Mega Man X. Phew, it's been such a long time! I missed this role. When I was recording I gathered up a history of X's lines.He hesitates and agonizes, but always keeps fighting. I still recall those feelings when acting as X. He is always fighting, not just against Mavericks but also something inside himself that he can't avoid. I think he's a really serious character.

And this game, wow, it really blows my mind. It crosses so many borders it might get a little controversial... maybe it already is?

Anyway, as a gamer going all the way back to the NES, it'll be a bit like a dream world having this great variety of characters joining in. I can't wait to play it, so I hope it's out sooner than later!

You can play it as a straight action game, or take time to enjoy the characters and drama, but either way it'll be awesome! Please look forward to this one! Take care.

Hey guys! I'm Ryoutaro Okiayu, acting as Zero from the Mega Man X series. So, it's Zero! Well, for reference, I have been part of the Mega Man X series from the PS1. I mean, the PlayStation was out before the PS2. In Zero's case, he didn't have a voice originally but he came to have one from around the middle of the series. Since then I've worked with the Mega Man X series for over 10 years. I'm really happy to be a part of the series for such a long time.

This time we have a cross-over, with many games getting intermingled.ย  While I voiced Zero this time, there are a lot of titles I've done work on that aren't a part of this one... So I hope those come up in a sequel. Maybe one or two games from Namco Bandai? Oh, and there was a Capcom game too. It'd be nice to have something like Rival Schools.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this one and I hope you are too. On the game's system and interface, I'd say it's a lot like Endless Frontier, which is very familiar to me. That game was exciting and I liked its sequels too. I think I can enjoy this game just as much.

Look forward to this game everyone! Until then!

Thanks again, Amunshen!