Project X Zone Site Goes Live, Voices X and Zero

What a day it is that the big game we're all tuning in to isn't a game of Capcom's at all! Bandai Namco has finally launched their Project X Zone official site. Right now all that exists is a bit about the game in general and an introduction to the leading characters. PXZ is a simulation RPG that promises dynamic battles mixing detailed 2D character sprites with 3D environments.

Over here, you can check out the character pages for X and Zero, which provide their artwork, brief biographies and character voice samples from Sakurai and Okiayu (more on them here).

Otherwise, that's about all for now. More updates should follow closely, however. With luck they'll reveal a trailer showing the first of the action later this month! Project X Zone is set to release in Japan sometime in 2012.

Update: Now with 100% more downloadable Main Theme for your enjoydom!