Ben Bates Talks Mega Man Universe Style, Archie Issue #9 Variant Cover

Not too long ago, Archie Comics artist Ben Bates has made some posts on his blog regarding his recent work on the Mega Man comic book. Prior to the release of issue #9, the beginning of "The Return of Dr. Wily" story arc (based on Mega Man 2), he decided to try his hand at the Mega Man Universe style of art, which you can see at right. "I thought the art for Mega Man Universe was pretty cool," he says, adding "The game itself didn’t really look like my kind of thing, but who knows, maybe it would have won me over if it had been fully developed." The things we may never know...

A little more recently, Bates looked back at the development of the Villain Variant cover for issue 9. You can see the ideas he went over and how they developed by viewing his entry here.

Thanks to Wilyman for the tip!