Who You Gonna Call for Project X Zone Localization?

After seeing some people attribute Capcom for the recently-revealed Project X Zone, we thought that perhaps the following would be a good thing to share (even if some of you knew this already; not everyone knows everything, after all). On Ask Capcom, user Buffy asked whether or not Capcom would be localizing the game. Before a member of Capcom staff got to it, user Viewtiful Vaughn replied "that's Namco Bandai's decision. The only involvement Capcom has is that their characters are in the game," which Corporate Officer Christian Svensson confirmed as correct.

So, if there was any doubt remaining, it's apparently Bandai Namco's (or Namco Bandai? We keep seeing it both ways) decision, and so that's who must be persuaded to bring it over.

Image: Famitsu