Check Out Capcom's Newest Mega Man T-Shirt, Then Enter for a Chance to Win! (Updated Twice)

As you all might recall, we reported a few weeks back on the release of some new to-be-revealed t-shirts in the Capcom Store. At right, you can see the teaser image provided for one of the shirts. Well, after talking a bit with Gregaman, we've managed to secure the exclusive reveal of one of the other t-shirts! Better still, we're holding a contest so that three lucky winners will each receive one of the new shirts! Read on to see the new design and to find out how to win!

First, here is the new design:

Click to enlarge.

So there you have one of the shirts; the rest of the second and all of the third will be revealed "in the near, near future" on the Capcom Store. In fact, we don't know any more than you do about them!

But that isn't stopping us from giving them away! Right now, a package is en route to our music man Mainfinger for prize distribution, and it contains one large shirt of each design.

To enter, you don't need to be an artist, or create a fancy video, or anything like that. All you need to do is send an e-mail to @ with the subject "Capcom Store Mega Man T-Shirt Contest," and include within your answer to the following...

Mega Man has seen three major anniversaries thus far, and has had a different "representative" for each: the original Mega Man was featured in the 10th anniversary logo, MegaMan.EXE was featured for the 15th, and Star Force MegaMan for the 20th. While we've seen a possible logo for the 25th anniversary featuring a pixel-art "1UP" representation of the original Mega Man, we don't know if that's final or not, and that brings us to this question:

Which Mega Man would you like to see represent the franchise on the 25th anniversary logo? Are you happy with the original, as he is the one turning 25? Think X needs a bit more love? Do you stand defiantly against fate alongside Volnutt? Or do you believe any of the others from Battle Network, Star Force, ZX or ZX Advent, or even Zero (whose status as a "Mega Man" always seems up for debate) are a better fit?

Just tell us in the body of your e-mail who you think should be featured, and we'll round up everyone's entry for a grand ol' raffle drawing. Three winners will be chosen, with the first name drawn getting their choice of shirt, the second from the remaining two, and third from whichever one is left.

The contest is currently set to be open for an indefinite period of time; we're looking at the end of the month, but it also depends on just when Capcom chooses to reveal the other two designs in their store. Also, we kindly ask that you do not flood our e-mail with entries; one per person, please (we'll just toss any duplicates), so everyone can have a fair chance.

With that said, good luck to everyone who enters! And a great big thanks to Gregaman and Capcom Unity, for making this contest possible!

Update: And Capcom has revealed the other two:

With that out of the way, we are accepting entries through April 30th!

Update 2: Good news, everyone! Winners are no longer restricted to Large t-shirts; you can now get your choice of any size: Small, Medium, Large, XL, or XXL!