Teaser Website Update for Mystery Collaboration Game; Trademark Update May Reveal Name

The mystery surrounding the Nintendo 3DS collaboration between Bandai Namco, Capcom, and SEGA continues, but at least now we know when more will be revealed. Previously, we covered the mysterious symbols that we suspect represent various mascots (including Mega Man X and Zero) from the three companies teaming up for the still-unnamed 3DS project. Now, the teaser site features a countdown to April 11th.  The number 032760 is entered into a code pad, and a yell and a siren is heard. The siren eventually fades into the background, leaving us with just the countdown, broken glass and a liquid:

The only other new information so far comes from a recent trademark update from Bandai Namco for a title called "Project X Zone," whose initials correspond with those in the official site's URL above. Even so, we still have no information about what kind of game this will be.

Across the internet, some fans are speculating as to what exactly this new teaser means, and if there is any pattern in the countdown screen. What do you think?