The Science of Mega Man

If there is one thing we've learned from running articles about Mega Man-ish science showing up in real life, it's that most Mega Man fans really don't care. A lesson well-learned, and we've held up a pretty good streak of not informing you how close to the robot apocalypse you really are. But, that streak ends today. We seem to be experiencing some difficulties in receiving news submissions at the moment, and in lieu of anything else, we present to you an article we found on GamesRadar titled "The Science of Mega Man."

Science of Games is a twice-monthly column that digs deep into the coolest science fiction elements of videogame universes, and tries to separate fact from fiction. Whenever possible, we’ll even bring in scientists, scholars, and experts to help us get at the truth of what’s really going on.

So click the link, and see what is happening in the world of energy weapons, how that whole "Reploid" thing is progressing, the plausibility of lairs set deep within active volcanoes, and even a link to some stuff about some robotic animals.