Some Element X Added to Banpresto's Science Experiment

We've been following Banpresto's teaser for a 3DS collaboration game between Capcom, Sega and Bandai Namco Games without any real certainty what to expect, and now the stakes have raised more for Mega Man fans. A new "pixelsome" has been added to the Petri that appears to represent Mega Man X; a followup to one that viewers have speculated is Zero.

Of course nothing is confirmed as to what the objects really represent, but fan speculation seems pretty sensible so far. One of the enigmatic notes even hints at viewers to look at the figures up-side-down, lending credibility to the character guesses. The questions remains, though: Just what kind of game is this?

As for the test subjects, perhaps this is what Reploid DNA is?

Thanks to Maverick-Jin8 for the tip!