New Mega Man Comic Interview with Ian Flynn in Nintendo Power

Attention, Mega Fans! ...well, those of you who enjoy the Archie Mega Man comic, first and foremost. The new April issue of Nintendo Power magazine (volume 277 features a terrific three-page interview with none other than writer Ian Flynn, as he addresses a number of topics regarding the brief past, promising present, and potential future for the book. One point of interest is the issue of pacing, as fitting all of the story, Robot Master encounters, and Wily showdowns into a span of four issues has meant that the pace is brisk. When asked about the possibility of expanding as necessary, Flynn said "It's something we're definitely aware of and considering. The four-issue format allows us to produce the trade paperbacks at a quick and affordable rate, and we want as many people to enjoy this series as possible.

"But like you said, four issues and eight Robot Masters (plus a Wily Castle) makes for some quick pacing. We'll be messing around with that formula in "Year Two." It's still a very new series, and so it's open to experimentation."

Other items brought up include a "new villainous force," the type of timeline Flynn plans to run with ("a different-- but loyal-- retelling of the game stories"), why the inclusion of original arcs between the games, why Pharaoh Man has such a big part in the next arc, the difference and preference between original stories and adaptations, original characters, Blues/Proto Man/Break Man, favorite Robot Masters, Mega Man's Soccer, and more. Plus, the interview features some previously-unseen lineart for pages from upcoming issues, and even a design sketch of Tempo, aka Quake Woman, who sports a nifty drill arm and is seen in and out of her armor.

Other points of interest include the Thunder Beam winning the poll for "Best Weapon" from the original Mega Man, a shot of D-Arts' armored X and Zero in the Collector's Corner, and another interview-- this time with Hironobu Takeshita, the Producer for Mega Man 9 and 10. Oh, and there's also a nifty review of Dillon's Rolling Western... what's that have to do with anything? Oh, well, you know... *whistles innocently*

The new issue of Nintendo Power will hit newsstands on April 3rd; just look for the cover seen at the top of the article, featuring exclusive coverage of Epic Mickey 2.