VGMM Takes a Look at Sigma's Cut of the Mega Man X Merchandise Market

Mega Man X, Zero, Axl, and even Vile have all seen their share of figures and merchandise released sporting their names and visage (Vile's upcoming D-Arts being his third figure, at that). But when it comes to being immortalized in plastic, it seems that Sigma most often comes up short-- especially considering he's the series' main villain! And while Jazwares' planned figures of the Maverick leader failed to materialize, it turns out there are still a few items out there which fans of the big bald bot can add to their collections-- provided they can find them. Nightram of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum, take it away!

Nightram notes that the above video was spurred by the Bluefin poll on Facebook, which went in favor of MegaMan Volnutt, but hopefully Bandai will do something cool with Sigma at some point. That said, we do know that the figure simply must include three heads: Original, scarred, and totally torn-up (as per Mega Man X4).

What would you like to see in a Sigma figure?