D-Arts Vile's Got a Double Shoulder Cannon All The Way

And it's so intense. Vile (known as VAVA in Japan) is getting powered up with a second shoulder cannon for his Bandai Premium release. Unlike in North America, VAVA is being released in Japan as an online exclusive figure. Orders have opened up, and will run through to April 9th; not an especially long time to make an order. The figure will then release sometime in June.

Furthermore, to commemorate the figure, special artwork was drawn by a Capcom artist of VAVA boasting his twin shoulder cannons over a defeated X and Zero. It's unknown if this is to be used for the box design, or perhaps a special bonus insert. Also unknown so far is if the bonus shoulder cannon will also be included with the North American release of Vile.

VAVA's additional feature, like before, include additional hand sets, along with the manga-inspired bourbon glass, kneed cannon and shot effects. What do you think, does the extra cannon make Vile any cooler than he already is?

News Credit: Rockman Unity