OCR's 5-Disc Mega Man X Album 'Maverick Rising' Out Now

Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter Rising It's here. After being held hostage by Sigma for several days, it's finally here. Mega Man X: Maverick Rising is out now. Go get it.

This album is massive. We're talking five discs here with over four and a half hours of remixes by 49 artists spanning the entire Mega Man X series. That's a lot of music! Where to start?

Having listened to the album in its entirety earlier today, I'll go ahead and make a few personal recommendations. For those who like funky jams, "Put Ya Guns On" by Diggi Dis is a must (and probably my favorite track on the album). Looking for a more straightforward (but face-melting) rock song that stays true to the source while adding additional flair? Try "Crawfish Crackdown" by Devastus. Or maybe you just want to dance the night away. Might I recommend "Anoplophora" by Jewbei?

Of course, that's just to get you started. Be sure to check out the album in its entirety when you can. You know... when you have four and a half hours to kill.

And for those that missed the trailer in our earlier post, here it is again: