Mega Man Puts the Joy Back Into 'Joystick'

We accidentally wound up sitting on this story for a bit, and to Undamned, we apologize for that. Nonetheless, "b15sdm" had a Frank West joystick he was trying to sell at the forums. When that didn't take, he changed it to the "more universal" theme of Mega Man to increase its odds. And according to this post, these are the stats of the stick (for those who care about such things):

- Sanwa JLF with custom painted balltop to match case - Seimitsu PS-14-Kn buttons with matching plungers all round with simple led light up - Datel/Paewang pcb

We aren't sure where the thread is if one is interested in purchasing this item, or if it's even still available, but we can at the very least admire it. More pics follow, and be sure to check out that light-up base!