Get to Know Rockman Online's Original Navigator: Irene

A new Rockman Online blog update details another of the game's original characters, the navigator Irene. She has an interesting back story, which seems to strike a little at ZX material: Irene is a navigator assigned by the UCA Hunter Agency one year prior. We can't confirm who she was created by, and the two Reploids she held as parents were destroyed in a URA attack on an amusement park.

Afterwards, she was accepted into training at the UCA's navigator training center, and assigned by the Hunter Agency.

Irene is among the top five operators supporting the hunters with her abilities of judgment and info analysis in scope of the entire war. Among her earliest credentials was thwarting a large scale URA invasion on Gaia's military base by uncovering their scheme before anyone else could.

However, she's remarkably bad at making split second judgments, and she's often disorganized and makes many minor mistakes. Warnings from within the Hunter Agency have just reached twenty.

Nevertheless, she shows her worth with a grand view of the war she's built up analyzed, and doesn't simply navigate but can produce new battle tactics based on real time changes in the field. Thanks to this, Irene is something of a mascot loved by all at the UCA Hunter Agency.

Thanks to Amunshen for help with the translation! Stay tuned for more Rockman Online updates.