GameCenter CX's Rockman Episode Subbed

For those unfamiliar, GameCenter CX, aka Retro Game Master via its Kotaku stream, is a Japanese television television show in which the star, Shinya Arino, attempts to play through the challenging video games of yesteryear. Additionally, it was the inspiration for the Nintendo DS game Retro Game Challenge-- a true gem, if you can find it. And thanks to a tip from Magnet Man, we've learned that an episode focusing on the original Rockman has recently been subbed and posted to YouTube:

This apparently leaves Rockman 4 as the only game Arino has played which has yet to be subbed.

Fortunately, for fans of the series, CrunchyRoll reports that the series is coming to DVD with two audio tracks: one with English narration, and the other with the original Japanese, accompanied by English subtitles. These will be the same 12 episodes that were shown on Kotaku while they held the license, though none of those featured any of the Rockman series.