A Few Notes on Street Fighter x Tekken: BBA Release, Endings and Possible 360 DLC?

Just a few items of note regarding Street Fighter x Tekken we wanted to get out there, for those of you interested in or considering purchasing the game. The first item of note is that while Cole, Toro, and Kuro will immediately be available to play upon release, the free downloadable content of Bad Box Art Mega Man and Pac-Man won't be available until March 13th.

Second, we've received a few tips about the endings for those two being available on YouTube. Generally speaking, we don't really cover endings as news here on MMN, especially if the game isn't even released yet. We didn't do it for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, we haven't done it for any other Mega Man game, and we're not doing it here. Besides, we're sure those who are interested will have no trouble finding it themselves, and-- unless we missed another version-- the audio was fake, anyway.

(As an aside: the Pac-Man ending is so, so good.)

Finally, in conjunction with the discovery of the endings is that much-- if not all-- of the Street Fighter x Tekken DLC is apparently already on the disc. Whatever your take on that may be really isn't the issue, though. Rather, it seems that both Mega Man and Pac-Man, stated to be PlayStation 3 and Vita exclusives, are also on that disc.

This may or may not mean that the two will eventually be available to Xbox 360 owners, but the potential is apparently there. As for whether they'll be free or not? Well, our friend Jonathan Holmes over at Destructoid has a pretty good piece up about how it would be so, so very wrong if Capcom were to charge 360 owners to download those two; give it a look.